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Learning Management System Demos

Demos created by learning management system vendors. No sales pitch! No sales angle whatsoever. Take a look at their product and if interested click to learn more.

  1. Docebo - Top 50 for 2015

    Top 50 LMS for 2015

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    Ideal for SMB, but mid-size and larger is easily doable. Good for B2B/B2C (although they charge extra for their extended enterprise - multi-tenant version).

    Self-service system which means you buy today, you could go live today.

  2. Growth Engineering -Top 50 for 2015

    Top 50 LMS for 2015. Academy is the name of the LMS platform.

    #1 LMS for 2015. #1 Gamification LMS for 2015. #1 Next Generation LMS for 2015. #2 Mid-Size vertical LMS for 2015. #2 Mobile LMS for 2015.

    Gamification authoring tool is now launched. Enables course designers, etc. to gain points themselves.

    Working on e-commerce, expect launch - May 2015.

  3. SkillsServe - Top 50 LMS for 2015

    Top 10 LMS for 2015
    #1 LMS for Financial Services market
    Ideal for mid-size internal and up, very strong in B2B/B2C
    Offers two different price models, one for internal, one for B2B/B2C

    Vendor name: Unicorn Training

  4. ExpertusONE - Top 50 for 2015

    Top 50 LMS for 2015

    Top 10 LMS for 2015. LMS Ecosystem with extended enterprise capabilities too (multi-tenant). Top three for B2B/B2C. Ideal for mid-size and up (for internal - employees).

  5. IMC Learning Suite - Top 50 for 2015

    Top 50 LMS for 2015

    In the top 50 rankings, IMC is in the top 20 for 2015. Perfect for mid and up for internal, so 2,500 users and higher. Also strong in B2B/B2C. Continues to get better each year.

  6. Luminosity - Top 50 LMS for 2015

    Top 50 LMS for 2015.

    Top 10 LMS for 2015. Strong for SMB, but could be mid-size and higher (1,000 and up). B2B/B2C. Continues to get better.